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Gypsy CaraVanners

Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob Horses For Sale Brooksville, FL USA

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High Valley Snowflake

Imported Foundation Mare - Lineage Unknown

Marbled Blue Eyes, 1 Agouti Gene


Snowflake is a total sweetheart & my most trusted mare. She is green-broke (will accept a bridle, saddle, & rider), we give pony rides on her to the kids, but she will need some work & it’s been a little while for her.

Bay & White with Marbled Blue Eyes – Carries the Agouti Gene

Ee TT Aa

GVHS & GHRA Registered.

Below Pictures are from April 2019:

Snowflake's Pictures from

Older Pictures of Snowflake:

Pics Taken May 2012

(1 month before 2012 foal is to be born!) 

Snowflake is Bred to Anubis for a 2014 Foal. 

Snowflake's Left Eye - Marbled Blue & Brown

Snowflake's Right Eye -> Marbled Blue/Brown 

Pictured in May 2015

*Pictured with her 2014 Filly, CaraVanner's The Sadler Mare

Snowflake's Foals

GG Mojo x HV Snowflake

2012 Double Blue Eyed Filly

Snowflake with her 2011 Double Blue Eyed Colt.

(Full Brother to Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion)

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion

*About 1 yr old in picture.