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Gypsy CaraVanners

Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy Cob Horses For Sale Brooksville, FL USA

Tack Shop

Tack Shop

Custom Horse Hair Pottery, Urns, Flutes, & Whistles -> Mail me YOUR HORSE'S Hair!!!



Send us your horse's hair & we will bring it to a local woman who has a unique process of imprinting your horse's hair on the pottery item of your choice.

The black squiggles you see on the flute are the horse's hair fired onto the pottery.

Choose your style of pottery & glaze color.

'Jewelry' is optional & an additional charge. Glass beads on pottery 'jewelry' are handmade, & will vary. You can choose colors.

Various plates & bowls, urns, plus flutes & whistles (that really work), & much more!

*Since this is a custom piece made with your horse's hair, the process will take a bit of time & no 2 pieces are a like.

*Designs & Colors will vary as these are custom fired pieces.

*Shipping will vary with piece/s ordered.

Prices will vary by piece.

Which item are you looking to purchase? Would you like to add a color? Would you like to add 'Pottery Jewelry'? If so, what colors would you like the glass beads, or would you like to leave it up to the artist?

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