Gypsy CaraVanners

Introducing CaraVanner'sBurning Man

2015 Bay Blagdon Colt - FOR SALE


Pictured at Less than 10 Months Old






Pictured at Only Days Old



Sundance Kid x Blue Girl

Gypsy CaraVanner's Sale List



                                                    Apple Blossom - SOLD


Lineage & Bloodlines

Gypsy CaraVanners not only values a traditional gypsy horse, as the Gypsy's intended them to be, but believes diversity is key to ensuring a sound breed in the future. 

Bloodlines Include: The Lottery Horse, Cushti Bok, Shampoo Girl, Little Checkers, Legend Boy, The Lion King, Thunder, Blue, Robert Watson's Old Horse, The Old Black Horse, The Coal Horse, The Old Horse of Wales, The Old Horse of Ireland, The Rocking Horse, Chief, BullsEye, Dinosaur Mare, Bob the Blagdon, The Lob Eared Horse, & many other incredible gypsy vanner/cobs.

*Note: This will be updated soon, we have lots of new additions!